Enabling Trim For Non-Apple SSD’s in OSX Lion

Great article on getting trim to work in Lion. Just added a new SSD to my MBP wanted to take advantage of trim support on the drive.



2 Comments on “Enabling Trim For Non-Apple SSD’s in OSX Lion

  1. Do you know of or the location of a good article or blog to replace a HDD with an SSD for MBP? One that somebody tried and was successful with.

  2. There are tons of videos on youtube for just about every mac out there. The newer ones have a panel that comes off the botom and makes it very easy to get at the memory and hd. replacing the drive with a SSD involves about the same process as replacing the hdd with another hdd. And, technically, you can stop at that point, but there are a few tweaks to the os to really take advantage of the speed. Trim is one of those.

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