Enabling Trim For Non-Apple SSD’s in OSX Lion

December 22nd, 2011

Great article on getting trim to work in Lion. Just added a new SSD to my MBP wanted to take advantage of trim support on the drive.



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2 Responses to “Enabling Trim For Non-Apple SSD’s in OSX Lion”

  1. Sallie Chait Says:

    Do you know of or the location of a good article or blog to replace a HDD with an SSD for MBP? One that somebody tried and was successful with.

  2. Nick Marus Says:

    There are tons of videos on youtube for just about every mac out there. The newer ones have a panel that comes off the botom and makes it very easy to get at the memory and hd. replacing the drive with a SSD involves about the same process as replacing the hdd with another hdd. And, technically, you can stop at that point, but there are a few tweaks to the os to really take advantage of the speed. Trim is one of those.

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